At age 7, Charles Alexander (Alex-Zan) enters Venable Elementary School (Charlottesville, Virginia) in September 1959 with his mother, Elizabeth Alexander and Mrs. Thelma Townsend and her sons, Marvin and William.

The Info-Tainer!





Alex-Zan, Originator-Black History Pathway, Honorary-4th St. NW, Charlottesville, Virginia, Phase 1

CYM Day 2021
CYM and Friends

”We Wash Our Hands”
We wash our hands all the time.
To destroy germs of any kind.
We wash our hands all the time.
By Just Thinking and using our mind.
Oh Yeah!
We wash our hands all the time.
By Just Thinking and using our mind.

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Mr. Alex-Zan

is an Educator-Entertainer-Motivator who facilitates creative, interactive presentations for children, youth and adults. A resident of Charlottesville, VA, he was an early trailblazer, being one of 12 blacks (known as “The Charlottesville 12”) to desegregate Virginia Public Schools in Charlottesville  in 1959.

Alex-Zan is an author, TV producer, columnist,  and national in-demand speaker for schools, conferences, staff development workshops and churches around the country.

His passion for touching, moving and inspiring people has led two Virginia cities to proclaim “Alex-Zan Day!”  HeThe Skin is Just the Cover book by Alex-Zanis also a national and local humanitarian award winner. Through his creative imagination, Alex-Zan has secured over 100 plus copyrights, four trademarks, and developed several cartoon characters that have prompted people to call him the “Info-Trainer” and the “Performing Teacher”.

Mr. Alex-Zan’s book, The Skin is Just the Cover, tells his story. Contact Mr. Alex-Zan to purchase copies.

What People Say:

You are indeed a dynamic, fun and inspirational presenter. The world is certainly in need of your positive message.
J. Randy Myers

Training and Development, VA Department of Corrections

What a treat, top notch! We’ve seen many motivational speakers, but none like you.
Shirley Howard

President, Baltimore Twinks

An hour with Mr. Alex Zan left the group exhilarated, inspired and determined to challenge themselves personally and professionally.
Tamryn Turner

Community College Program Coordinator

A positive dynamic force of leadership and a role model for Virginia’s children.
Susan Allen

Virginia's Former First Lady

Being in law enforcement over 25 years, the valuable principles offered in your presentation are critical in creating a safe, civil and thriving community.
Former Chief Tim Longo

Charlottesville Police Department

Alex-Zan never ceases to amaze me with his creativity and ability to produce a phrase that brings positive change. What he does with people is beautiful.
David Toscano

Virginia House of Delegates


Character – Safety – Civility

Educational Friends


reminds people to release anger and Yo, Let it Go!  Learn more about YOGO and listen to the YOGO song performed by J-Willz here.


is a new character from North Africa. CYM has a thirst for learning and is an avid listener. He thinks before he speaks and works to get along with others.


likes to say “Just Think before you act.”

Virginia General Assembly Honors Alex-Zan

April 10, 2019, View the nbc29 video

Distinguished dozen

Charlottesville Daily Progress Article

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