CYM DAY 2022
CYM Day 2021
CYM with Friends

CYM and Friends

First CYM Day

(Close Your Mouth and Listen Day)

was held September 17, 2018 in Charlottesville, VA and surrounding areas.

Close Your Mouth

Close your mouth, open your ears
Listen and learn from all you hear
Close your mouth, open your ears
And you’ll get smarter over the years

© copyright 2021 Alex-Zan

Mission: Closing your mouth and listening is a key element to living a healthy, safe and productive life.

Who is CYM?

CYM’s roots began in North Africa. He is “ Cymkin”, who grew from the fox family. CYM is a mystery traveler who arrived in the United States, because he attached himself with the Charlottesville Delegation, a group of local residents who visited their sister city,  Winneba, Ghana to learn more about the transAtlantic slave trade and visit historical sites. CYM has a thirst for learning, is an avid listener, he thinks before he speaks and works to get along with others. He is a great friend who bends and twists his body to fill small spaces in people’s belongings so he can travel wherever they go. CYM does not show anger, hold grudges or create drama. Always take CYM with you – Your journey will be happier and a more positive adventure!

CYM Activities:
● Recite Close Your Mouth! verse daily
1. BS1 – Be Still for 1 minute (Daily morning or afternoon exercise)

2. Take 10 – Take a moment to think before you speak, get angry or react by
pausing, counting to 10 or clenching your hands and releasing, etc.

3. Words – When speaking, choose words that help, not hurt people.

Helpful Words Hurtful Words
Close Your Mouth!
You are good at …
I will help you …
I like you …
Let’s be friends …

Hurtful Words
Shut Up!
You are not good at anything…
I don’t need your help …
I don’t like you …
I’m not your friend anymore…

4. CYM’s Place – Create a quiet place for individuals to calm down when things
are not going their way or are having a bad day.

5. Speak …I’m Listening – An exercise that allows each person to share their
thoughts and feelings without interruption from others. Just CYM and listen!

Once it leaves your mouth, it leaves your control .
~African proverb