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Mission: WORDS - Choosing What We Use" is dedicated to the idea of the utilization of positive words. Thinking before one speaks is a key element to living a healthy, safe and productive life.

To assist students and staff in building strong moral character, becoming independent thinkers and making good life choices. The program will further provide tools for members to:

  • Be responsible
  • Eliminate Bullying (cyber or person to person)
  • Respect Differences

There is a drastic increase in today's society of negative attacks through words - be it politicians, athletes, parents, children, etc. Some have led to fatal outcomes. Words can and do hurt. They injure the speaker and the receiver. Our society is in dire need of change in this area and for all citizens to become aware and sensitive to the words they use. One speaker recently said that the only way to control your tongue is to control your mind and emotions.

During a May 1, 2010 commencement ceremony at the University of Michigan, President Barack Obama talked about receiving letters from some Virginia kindergartners. One of the letters that stood out to him asked a very simple, yet profound question, "Are people being nice?" Expressed within this simple question is the need for this program. We know all too well and too many times that people are not being nice, and are using words as weapons.


Four Components

1. The Daily WORDS verse

Words matter more than we know
At home, school or wherever we go
Words can help, hurt - this we know
So think, then speak and you will grow

© copyright Alex-Zan 2010

2. W-14 Fourteen - Interactive activities to serve as a guide for staff and members that will enhance the WORDS educational/motivational experience.

3. WORDS that Help -WORDS that Hurt - A listing of words that are positive and uplifting to counter words that are negative and aim to tear down. (Members will be acknowledged and rewarded when they're caught speaking positive words).

4. WIZ WORDS - a list of phrases, proverbs, sayings, etc. that will serve as a reminder why words do matter and their impact. (Club members can verbalize or write what those particular words mean to them).

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