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Mr. Alex-Zan!

" I appreciate your taking the time to forward me materials describing your "Take a Moment" proclamation. Please accept my gratitude for your hard work and your perseverance in promoting moral character among our youth."  - Mark Early , Virginia's Former Attorney General

"Thank you for the wonderful motivational workshops you provided to our students, staff and parents . As "Alex-Zan, you instill in children and their families the values and attitudes so often forgotten in these times. Your message is clear about feeling good about one's self, using manners, and taking care of one's own body and mind. As an educator with over twenty-eight years experience, I sincerely appreciate what you do for children and their families. We need more role models like you."
Principal - Elementary School

"On behalf of our school administrators, faculty, and students, I thank you for you participation in our assembly. You are truly one of the rare individuals, that come along in a century, that have the finesse to enlighten the lives of others. Your experience, knowledge, and love for fellowman expressed in your message to our young men and women were not only inspirational but also "food" for hungry minds.
Assistant Principal - High School


Staff Development Workshop

"Alex-Zan's staff development session on self-esteem was superb!" - Teacher Specialist


"On behalf of New Kent Schools, thank you for playing an important role in the motivational program. Thanks to you, our students are off to a great start! Your enthusiasm and optimism are contagious. The very positive message you send young people is most appropriate and needed."
School Superintendent

"Alex-Zan is a superb motivational speaker. Over the past seven years, he has presented a motivational workshop for our students. The impact he has on the group is phenomenal. His message of determination and responsibility hits home every time because he approaches the students from a position of respect. He understands their questions, their doubts, their hopes and dreams. While he constantly returns to a theme of self-reliance and perseverance, he listens and responds with spontaneous wisdom to the real-life concerns of each individual. The goodness and sincerity that he radiates seem to empower others with those same precious qualities.
College Professor, Piedmont Community College

 "Thank you so much for inviting me to participate in your dynamic presentation of "Take A Moment." Your ability to seamlessly weave motivation with education using material that is relevant and entertaining is remarkable. In fact, just yesterday, I was in contact with one of the students, and provided him with information on how to utilize his hidden treasures. I had spoken with him previously, and was unable to motivate him to participate, so I credit your program with his very positive change in attitude, and newfound confidence in his abilities. As I shared at the conclusion of your session, much of the material you presented rang true in terms of my life and personal success. Had I had the benefit of hearing from someone like you at the age of the students in the Promise Program, I have no doubt that I would have saved years of struggle!"
Director - Quality Community Council

"His program is multifaceted and has many layers of education and enjoyment. He interacts extensively with the audience. His program is multiethnic, and includes participants of both genders and all ages. He incorporates several very positive messages into his program: self respect, respect for others, the positive feelings of good behavior, the importance of liking yourself, and the many benefits of good behavior. He is lively and fun and yet his presentation is full of "advice" without the participants being aware that they are being taught something. I am not aware of another performer / storyteller who combines a behavior or moral lesson with entertainment. His work is quite unique in its combination of motivation, entertainment, education and behavior training. This makes him most welcome in any number of locales."
Library Branch Manager




  • National Presenter
  • Author - I Feel Good About Me® Motivation Kit
  • National and Local Award Winner
  • Children's TV Producer/Host - Dazzlewood Treasures©

Mr. Alex-Zan
5530 Percheron Court, Suite C
Richmond,Va. 23227

Phone: (804) 321-3636
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