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Staff Development

Join the long list of satisfied and enthusiastic clients who have participated in the staff development and motivational
sessions of Alex-Zan. Bringing out the best in your team is no easy task; Alex-Zan, a proven successful trainer - educator will
assist your company through even themost difficult of transitions in the direction of success.


  • CALM© - Character and Life Management; Positioning Yourself
  • The Bugs© & Gnats© - He Said/She Said, Needs Above the Trivial Stuff
  • The Ki Principle© - Knowledge is Fueled By Information
  • RIDE© - Respect Individual Differences and Expressions
  • MeEgo (My Ego)© - Get Out of the Way, Clearing the slate for change, How do we get the work done)

"... You are indeed a dynamic, fun and inspirational presenter. The world is certainly in need of your positive message!"

J. Randy Myers
Training and Development Coordinator
Virginia Department of Corrections

"... What a treat, top notch. We've seen many motivational speakers, but none like you!"

Shirley Howard
President, Baltimore Twicks

Clients include: AmeriCorp, Richmond Housing Authority, Head Start, Petersburg Parks & Leisure Services, Cornerstone Achievement Academy, Inc., The Baltimore Twinks, City of Charlottesville, Metro Drug Alliance, University of Virginia, Atlanta Mutual Housing Association

Gettin' Ready for "The Test"


Creative, interactive presentations for students, staff and parents ... preparing for "The Test"

The Test

I'm getting ready for the test.
To listen, think and do my best.
I'll plan study and get my rest.
I know I can pass the test.

               ©2001 Alex-Zan



"Our test scores improved following Mr. Alex-Zan's dynamic presentation at our SOL pep rally."

Arlinda Harriston
Elementary School Guidance Counselor

Presentation Highlights:

  • KI - Knowledge and Information
  • PLC - Positive Life Choices (Making success a choice)
  • Dunk the Junk - Getting rid of negative stuff
  • Just Think - Mr. P Game
  • Pass - Prepare, Apply, Study, Strategy (Tools)
  • Interactive Characters, Prizes and more!

"The staff and students express their deep gratitude for your motivational session in preparation for our SOL tests. We are pleased with the level of concentration and effort from our students. I'm confident your presentation played a significant role."

Victoria Oakley
Elementary School Principal

Benefits of the Thinkshops:

  • Build self-confidence
  • Increase test scores
  • Improve academic success
  • Reduce stress - students, staff and parents
  • Enhance overall instruction
  • Materials - Available for students, staff and parents

"Mr. Alex-Zan's powerful kick-off for our SOL tests was very energetic and motivating. Following his presentation, the students and staff were excited to get to work."

Deborah Gamble
Middle School Principle

The Test


What Is It? It is an educational vehicle with tools that assist students in preparing and successfully passing any test.

Design It is designed to serve as a supplementary teacher's guide for working with students in elementary through high school and in alternative education programs. The focus is on:

· Character Development
· Academic Achievement
· Independent and Critical Thinking

More Information About The Test


Let's Get Sold On Learning:

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Contact Alex-Zan at (804) 321-3636 or

For More Information About Preparing for " The Test"
Please visit The Test


"Thank you for your wonderful presentation at our SOL rally. I feel your innovation and uplifting session will be carried in the hearts of our students as they prepare for the test."

Zandra Rawlinson
RRHA Training Specialist

Other Presentations

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      • RIDE© - Respect Individual Differences and Expressions
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      • Stayin' In the Game With JT



  • National Presenter
  • Author - I Feel Good About Me® Motivation Kit
  • National and Local Award Winner
  • Children's TV Producer/Host - Dazzlewood Treasures©


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