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The InfoTainer

"A positive, dynamic force of leadership and a role model for
Virginia's children and families" -
Susan Allen, Virginia's former First Lady

Mission: To serve as a beacon of hope for our society to reconnect , reach out and restore the goodness to our world by transforming our thinking. To inspire children, youth and adults to be models of high character and to respect themselves and others, as well as to maintain good morals and values.

For a cool place where our children and youth can think, imagine and express themselves, visit

Mr. Alex-Zan's positive messages have reached thousands of children and youth and adults throughout the country. His programs and presentations have also resonated in staff development meetings and conferences, team building workshops for employees, and community organizations.

Spellbinding, magical, uplifting, heartwarming, versatile and contagious are some of the many descriptions of Mr. Alex-Zan.

Whether it's at a community college's program for recent high school graduates who are beginning their college careers and exploring options; children learning and being dazzled by creative and imaginative characters; adults needing to be touch, moved and inspired that they're worthy of goodness and greatness; or his powerful message to youth about being responsible and making positive life choices.  

Mr. Alex-Zan is well prepared and dedicated to address the many challenges we face today.  From his youthful militant days of wearing a bullet around his neck, school suspension to a community activist, leading drug marches through cocaine drug infested neighbors threatened by gunfire.  Today he's a caring and healing force for change ... he makes it clear in his opening ... A call and response verse... THIS IS IT!.

Author - Award Winner - TV Producer - Poet - Mentor
Mr. Alex-Zan is an Entertainer - Educator- Motivator who facilitates creative, interactive presentations for children, youth and adults. A native of Charlottesville, Virginia, he was an early trailblazer, being 1 of 12 blacks to first desegregate Virginia Public Schools (Charlottesville,1958). Alex-Zan is an author, TV producer, columnist, national in-demand presenter for schools, conferences, staff development workshops and churches around the country. His passion for touching, moving, and inspiring people has lead two Virginia cities to proclaim Alex-Zan Day, and he's a national/local humanitarian award winner. Through his creative imagination, Alex-Zan has developed 100 copyrights, four trademarks and five cartoon characters that have prompted many people to call him "The Info-Tainer " and "The Performing Teacher." Alex-Zan's innovative presentations include but are not limited to:



  • I'm Thinkin... All the Time
  • Calm © - Character and Life Management
  • Bugs & Gnats © - Yo! Let it Go and Needs Above Trivial Stuff
  • PATH © - Parents Are the Heroes
  • Getting Paid Thinkshops - Youth-Entreprenuership, Character and Information
  • RIDE © - Respect Individual Differences and Expressions
  • Enjoying My Me-Time - Session for Women
  • It's My Time to Live Celebrations
  • "The Test-Avator"

Words...Choosing What We Use

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  • National Presenter
  • Author - I Feel Good About Me® Motivation Kit
  • National and Local Award Winner
  • Children's TV Producer/Host - Dazzlewood Treasures©

Mr. Alex-Zan
5530 Percheron Court, Suite C
Richmond,Va. 23227

Phone: (804) 321-3636
Fax (804) 321-3660


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