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Before You Cyberlink

MISSION: To provide a viable safety tool that will help protect children, youth and others from the dangers of online disclosure, predators and overall Internet abuse.

To assist individuals in becoming independent thinkers in order to provide a basis for making good, solid, positive life choices. The "JUST THINK Before You CyberLink" card will also be a valuabl asset in:

  • Building strong moral character
  • Being more responsible
  • Decreasing confrontations (bullying, assaults, etc.)
  • Respecting Individual Differences & Expressions
NEED: The Internet can be an invaluable resource in gathering information at school, work, doing research or connecting with others. Unfortunately, dangers persist in the communication and utilization of this medium known as cyberspace. Countless lives are impacted everyday. Some have had fatal outcomes by individuals whose intent was to destroy and bring harm to others. The "JUST THINK Before You CyberLink" card can serve as a dynamic guide/tool in enhancing safetly awareness and restoring peace back to our society.
DESIGN: The card can be utilized by schools, youth groups, parents and others who are concerned about Internet safety. The cards can be displayed any place to serve as a constant reminder to - Take A Moment To Think. Sponsors are welcome to assist n the funding and support of this much needed safety initiative.
  • Help individuals to become responsible when using the Internet
  • Prevention and awareness of what to look for and stay away from when using the Internet
  • Help to save lives
  • Increase school and community safety
  • Restore peace in our homes, schools and communities
"Children's safety is our #1 concern, before we think of educating them."
-Arne Duncan, US Secretary of Education



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