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To Stay In The Game ...
                     JT's 4 Step Plan!


I. CALM (Character and Life Management)

Character: "An accumulation of thoughts centered on what we think of ourselves." Alex-Zan

    1. Good Character and thinking right puts you in position to manage your life to be and do the best.
    2. Good Character provides you with the right attitude to focus on your needs and to make Positive Life Choices.
    3. Good Character enables you to be responsible and respectful of yourself and others.
    4. Good choices and thinking right will keep you in the sports and life game to encounter unlimited possibilities.

II. JT's Play by Play (Good Play Choices)

Choices: "the plays you choose at this moment will determine what happens in the moments to come." Alex-Zan

  1. JT- 24/7- Just Think before you disrupt your life/education,choosing friends,being dishonest and doing anything stupid.
  2. Mego - Do not allow your ego to block your personal growth and development. (It's not all about you).
  3. BMLP - To Be the Man, Leader or Player, you must be of good character,a role model and example for others to see. (It's not what you say, but who you are and what you do.)
  4. 1st T - Put Team First (Together Everyone Achieves More)

III. JT's Post Game Plan (Whistle Blows - Game Over)

Transition: Making the move from the sports game to the life game!

    1. The Pit Stop (Players In Touch) - Establish and maintain a support network for players to address life's challenges and needs.
    2. BSM - Have A Be Still Moment to think, identify and develop your talents and gifts beyond sports.
    3. 2 Connect - Reconnect with family, friends and seek ways to reach out and be a servant to others.
    4. ATM (At This Moment) - Focus on the moment at hand and discover your purpose. (Don't allow yesterday to steal Your today).

IV. JT's Plays for Life (PFL)

  1. Daily Life Pledge - Affirmation
  2. 10/90 Plan - In Life, things happen and change, with or without your permission. Keep in mind, 10% is what happens and 90% is how you respond.
  3. IMC (In My Corner) - Establish a positive network by identifying a person or persons you can talk with and trust, and who will listen to you.
  4. JT's Place - Designate a place for you to Think, Reflect and Assess Who you are, What you are and Where you want to go in the midst of today's challenges.


Live, Love and Learn


Life is good, bad and sometimes tough
It can be happy, sad, smooth or rough
There are stumbles, tumbles, but you can win
Life is picking yourself up and starting again

(Excerpt from Live, Love and Learn, by Alex-Zan)



JT's Bonus - JT's Parent Plan

PATH (Parents Are The Heroes)

Be a good example for your children to see
Listen, Honor and Respect what they choose to be
You must love, guide and give them your best
Become the model and PATH for their success!!

© Alex-Zan 2007


"To get back in the game, Think Right, Do Right and Be Right." Alex-Zan

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From This Moment On, Be Responsible, And .... Just Think!!

Objectives and Need for "Stayin' In The Game With JT"

The objective of Stayin' In the Game is to assist individuals in character development, life skills and promote respect for self and others. The Game initiative will further provide tools for participants to make positive life choices both within and beyond sports.

One need only turn on their television or radio or pick up the newspaper to be exposed to the barrage of stories that highlight the serious decline of morals and values taking place in our society. It is imperative that we, as a society, reconnect to the importance of character, respect and responsibility.

JT can serve as an agent of change in how participants see, think and act in making society a better place for everyone. Derek Mitchell, a junior basketball player at Howard University made this profound statement:

"JT can really help athletes who simply react without thinking. Young people look up to athletes as role models. When they see sports figures engage in negative behaviors and generally get away with it, youth think that there are no consequences to being irresponsible. JT can also help the sports world and society in general to be more aware of what they say and do, because people are watching them."


Hear from those who have found "Stayin' In the Game With JT" to be a wonderful asset to their program or curriculum!

"Alex-Zan, JT (Just Think) really gets to the point. The character is the most exciting and empowering figure I've seen in my 20 plus years of coaching and mentoring. JT's positive message of listening and thinking is the impetus for making choices; whether it be in sports or the daily challenges of life. Society would benefit greatly by embracing JT and taking a moment to "Just Think."

Coach Ken Wood
President of Coach Speaks

"The Thinkshop, "Stayin' In the Game With JT," truly captured and penetrated the minds of our campers and coaches. The creative props and unique catch phrases that were presented were constantly repeated by everyone throughout the week. Thanks Mr. Alex-Zan! You and JT are priceless assets for today's athletes and society's lack of moral character."

Lamar Taylor
"The Making of Champions" Basketball Camp

"I'm a former high school, college and semi-pro football player whoa also participated in basketball and track. For over 20 years I have worked as an administrator in the field of Juvenile Justice. "JT" was able to benefit me in a very serious personal situation that I was challenged with. I was faced with some unexpected problems and was so angry that if it had not been for that image of "JT I felt, planting himself on my shoulder, I might have lost it and could have - NO, would have - experienced some major consequences in what was going on in my mind at that time. I believe many lives and situations can turn out differently if they have someone as simple as JT to make them "JUST THINK."

Eric Green
Miami Florida




The initial design for The Game is a grip card that will be distributed to every student athlete and coach. The card is a vehicle and will serve as a reminder to participates to THINK before they act or make choices in any situation.

Additional design items to reinforce this concept include the "JT's Play by Play" for athletes, and the JT's Play by Play" for schools, youth groups, etc. - both of which contain various catch phrases to promote positive ways of expression, problem solving, and coping abilities that are easy to remember. And 18 x 24 poster of JT is also available for posting.



  • Become independent and critical thinkers
  • Opportunity for the development of teamwork and leadership skills
  • Enhance academic achievement and educational opportunities beyond the classroom
  • Increase public safety in schools and in the community as a whole
  • Opportunity for students to become positive and productive citizens




  • Before you disrespect yourself or anyone
  • Before you disrupt your education
  • Before you open your mouth
  • Before you put harmful things in your body

10% is what happens, 90% is how you respond




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