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Excellent for groups, organizations and companies!

Purpose: Pest / Stress Control - An activity guide/product to assist individuals to put needs above trivial stuff to eliminate negative stress.

To assist individuals in Taking A Moment to assess conflict or negative thoughts.  The "Thinkshops" will further assist participants in learning how to put their needs above trivial matters


  • Creates a positive work environment

  • Increase employee morale and productivity

  • Decrease absenteeism

  • Enhance individual creativity and imagination

  • Enhance the health and wealth of everyone

The only people whom you should get even with
are those who have helped you!


Purpose: To assist participants in Character Development, Anger Management and Effective Communication.

Design: The Calm Sessions are designed for children, youth and adults. They are customized to meet your needs!
(Available as a single presentation or in a series).


  • Enhance Instruction/Improve Academic Achievement
  • Become Independent & Critical Thinkers
  • Reduce Negative Conflicts & Decrease Disciplinary Action
  • Relieve Stress In Students, Staff and Parents
  • Increase Public Safety In The Schools, Workplace & Community

©2001 Alex-Zan

Assist parents in creating a support network in becoming
more responsible and being the primary role model for their child.




©2001 Alex-Zan

Respect Individual Differences and Expressions
A vehicle to assist people in learning how to respect the differences in others.




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