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Women's Me-Time Treat
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Women Treat Yourself!

Alex Zan's Enjoying My Me-Time

It's a Celebration about you!


WOW! What A Me-Time Treat.....

Dear Mr. Alex-Zan,

Thank you so much for your recent presentation of "Enjoying My Me-Time" here at the Quality Community Council, Inc. Your message of stress management, preventative health care and the importance of taking care of our inner as well as our outer selves will go a long way towards helping us to refocus and live our best lives!

In addition to providing good practical take-away advice, your workshop provided needed motivation and inspiration, and I am sure that many of the ladies present will make small but important changes in the way they care for themselves and their families as a result of the time spent with you and Dr. Wendi.

Karen C. Waters
Executive Director


Enjoying My Me-Time Treat! was indeed a reminder for participants / attendees to wake up and celebrate our own goodness. I believe that women as a whole tend to take care of everyone else first, then if there is time, energy, money or anything left afterwards, we then consider taking care of oneself. If we were unsure how to, or if we should take batter care of self, the Me-Time celebration provided great insight to get us going in the right direction. Your objective to assist to "Take A Moment ... to think, reflect, reconnect and learn to live and love oneself" was certainly accomplished. I thank you so much for that.

Judy K. Davis


I am just reflecting back on the meeting on Sunday, Feb. 8 in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Alex, I really enjoyed that meeting with the other ladies in the community. I gained allot of information from Dr. Wendi. Getting information from a meeting means nothing unless you act on this information. So, I made an appointment with my physician and she gave me a referral to visit Dr. William Freedman at Charlottesville Cardiology. My appointment is scheduled for this Wednesday, Feb. 23.

Alex, do not forget about your Me-Time.

Rebecca M.

If you or your organization are interested in sponsoring
an "Enjoying My Me-Time" event, please let us know!

For more information, or to schedule an event,
please contact Alex-Zan at

Me-Time … It's Time For Yourself
(It's not designed for anyone else)


The children and family are doing just fine
But what you need is a little me-time
Loosen up, do some things and you will find
Life is a lot better when you get some me-time!

From the book "Live, Love and Learn" by Alex-Zan

In The Me-Time Activities:

  • Create a personal me-time place at home (patio, basement, den, backyard, etc.)
  • Take a stroll through the mall, park or neighborhood
  • Escape with a good book
  • Plan a home spa day (take a bubble bath, use aromatherapy, redo your nails, do some light exercise, do your hair or a make-over, pamper yourself). You deserve it!
  • Take a drive - establish your own sightseeing tour
  • Unwind with your favorite song and music
  • Relax with a soothing beverage in a peaceful environment
  • Take a break - visit a beauty salon or spa
  • Enjoy a delicious dessert (in moderation of course)
  • Write a verse, poem or story about the wonderful things that make you -you
  • Be still and count your blessings
  • Keep a journal or make a list of all the little me-time moments that bring joy to your life

"It's okay to address your Me-Time needs" - Alex-Zan

Me-Time Blockers

  • Too tired
  • No time
  • My children
  • I'm working on it
  • There aren't enough hours
  • Not now
  • What about my husband?
  • My family needs me

This Is It !

We don't have a lot of time
Why use it to complain and whine?
Life's pieces will never be a perfect fit
So enjoy the moment, because this is it

From the book "Live, Love and Learn" by Alex-Zan

Me-Time Tidbit
(Something said to you by a family member, friend or others that attempt to block the goodness and greatness within you)

*Husband to Wife "Honey, I brought you the riding lawn mower and you haven't used it yet." Z.B.

Send us your Me-Time Tidbit!
Please feel free to email us - share your favorite Me-Time moment.

Mr. Alex Zan is available for Me-Time seminars/get togethers!

For additional information about enjoying Me-Time, call Mr. Alex-Zan at (804) 321-3636
or email


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