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Bugs! Yo - Let It Go ...

A creative initiative to reduce violence (youth and domestic) by addressing conflicts, anger and negative communication. The Bug's ultimate goal is to save lives by providing effective tools for building character, fostering personal responsibility and developing independent thinking skills that will enable you to make positive life choices.

The relevance of the Bugs! Yo-Let It Go... initiative was pinpointed recently by Charlottesville, Virginia's Chief of Police, Tim J. Longo, Sr. "Working in law enforcement for over 25 years, the valuable principles offered and presented by Mr. Alex-Zan [in his guide and presentations] lets young people know that making good choices and resolving their differences in a peaceful and thoughtful way is not only important in preserving relationships with others, but critical in creating a safe, civil and thriving community."




Produced as a teaching tool, the "Young People's Guide" (YPG) Thinkin' Beyond Conflict! is a proactive, comprehensive manual that allows youth to deal with issues of conflict and anger management. Created by Mr. Alex-Zan, The YPG equips children and youth with the tools that will enable them to assess and diffuse negative conflicts and make positive life choices.

With many of our nation's young people experiencing difficulty in addressing anger and conflict, educators, counselors, parents, organizations and youth are seeking creative solutions.

Some of YPG's highlights include:

  • Tools to Avoid Confrontation
  • Why We Need to Let Things Go
  • Steps to Take if Others Won't Let It Go
  • In My Corner (Having a Support System)
  • The G-8 Plan: Things Communities Can Do Immediately

Sample: Tools to Avoid Confrontation

  • JT, Just Think® - Before You Act, Say or Do Anything Negative


  • T-BO - It's not important, give The Brush Off with a smile


  Sample: Steps To Take If They Won't Let It Go


  • MO - Try to Move On to avoid any negative situations

  • Contacts - Inform someone (authority figure - teacher, coach, mentor, parent, guardian, friend) about the situation. Make a list in need be to serve as a reminder.

  • The High Road - It's Not Easy! Remain Calm, No additional drama. Your response to the noise may be - "Hey! My Bad, Yo, It's not what I mean. Smile and say, "You win!" and in the end, you both may win and will still be in the game.

  Sample: G-8 Plan - Things Communities Can Do


  • Community Safety Network (CSN) - A collaborative effort by community institutions (churches, schools, organizations, businesses, etc.) to develop and coordinate safety initiatives.

  • Hidden Treasures (Talents and Gifts) - Identify the various treasures of children and youth and match them with members of like talent

  • Beyond The Cell - Establish a communication network with persons who are incarcerated. Tap in and utilize their ideas about having a more peaceful, safe and productive community.

"Children's safety is our #1 concern, before you think of educating them."
Arne Duncan - US Secretary of Education


What People Are Saying About



"Thanks for sharing the 'Young People's Guide' with the Richmond Juvenile Detention Education Center. This was a very rewarding investment for the education center. My teachers, students and the DJJ personnel are extremely pleased with the relevancy of content.

We issue a copy of the 'Young People's Guide' to all students with a stay of 10 days or more. I have received outstanding reviews from students who refer to the guide for various reasons. The guide is used as a supplement during our character education sessions.

I would recommend the 'Young People's Guide' to any organization that's involved with youth and behavior modification."

--Marshall L. Marks, Principal
Richmond Juvenile Detention Education Center

"Mr. Alex-Zan, the (YPG) manual is cool. It teaches me not to react to what people say behind my back. YPG helps me to think about things before they happen. The insert about avoiding confrontations is a great reminder that I keep inside of my school locker. Oh! My teachers like the manual, too."

--KoRon Stewart
Age 13

"The Baltimore Chapter of the Twinks Social and Civic club has a mentoring program with young ladies called Twinks Jewels (ages 12 - 14). One of our most effective and invaluable workshops was, 'Yo - Let It Go,' using Alex-Zan's conflict resolution program. The young jewels connected with the many tools in his manual (8 ways to Avoid Confrontation; In My Corner; and Just Think -to name a few) that will help them survive and thrive in our complex world today. Club members are also utilizing the 'Yo-Let It Go' theme, because it's ageless and timeless. Thanks Alex-Zan!"

--Patricia Thompson, Twinks National President

"Alex, the 'YPG' manual is a winner that truly hits home with our youth. It's user friendly and gets to the point in providing relevant life skills immediately. The message, terminology and tools are easy to grasp and goes beyond just theory. The various how-to steps (about Letting It Go, etc.) are creative, concise, and short, but sticks with our youth as they address the many conflicts of today."

--Stacy Gray, Director
Emporia Boys and Girls Club

"As a mother and tireless activist whose son was a homicide victim due to a non-thinking individual, this manual gets it. It has inspired me to become a more committed advocate in reducing youth violence. The G-8 Plan, in particular, offers practical, realistic steps in getting the community at-large involved in taking action."

--Barbara Egwim

  Things We Need To Let Go...

She Said ... He Said ... They Said ...

AND MOVE ON ... ©Alex-Zan 2004




IF you or someone else have a bad attitude -
    YO! LET IT GO ...

IF your name is in the mix of gossip and rumors -
     YO! LET IT GO ...

IF you're holding on to the past hurts and pains -
     YO! LET IT GO ...

IF someone tries to stop you from being you -
     YO! LET IT GO ...

IF you have an addition or are in a bad relationship -
     YO! LET IT GO ...

IF you're holding on to evil thoughts or revenge -
     YO! LET IT GO ...

IF you get dissed or someone makes you angry -
     YO! LET IT GO ...

IF you put down others to pick yourself up -
     YO! LET IT GO ...

IF your inner voices tells you it's not right -
     YO! LET IT GO ...

IF you're searching for a new and better way -
     Learning Is How We Grow-
            You Know!!

From the YPG Manual



Take a Moment …
2 CONNECT with Mr. Alex-Zan

      • Seek inner peace, it's the best place to start!
      • Think before you raise your voice at anyone
      •  Look in the mirror, and get to know and like what you see
      • Say hello first
      • Reconnect with a friend or relative
      • Don't think of getting even or holding a grudge
      • Smile, it brings on a smile
      • Become a listener, and do less talking
      • Don't prejudge people that are different; you're both OK!
      • Respect yourself and others
      • Say "Please", "May I", "Thank You", "I'm Sorry", as often as necessary
      • Be a little more patient; it happens when it's supposed to
      • Just stop, relax and take a break
      • Life is a series of moments: good, bad, ups and downs
      • Be responsible and do your best
      • Give a compliment and spread some kindness
      • Forgive and move on
      • Send a card or gift to someone
      • Give yourself permission to try something new
      • Share a good book, movie or story
      • Be grateful and count your blessings

        Parent/Guardian and Child

      • Keep the family connected (meetings, notes, reunions, etc.)
      • Express your values and be a good example
      • Stay in contact with child's school and teacher
      • Know your child's friends and their family
      • Discuss your family's culture and heritage
      • Hug your child everyday and say "I Love You"
      • Be there!

        Give Someone A Peace of Your Heart, Instead of Your Mind!



  Yo -Let It Go ... And Move On!




I will not:

Revisit it
Relive it
Replay it
Renew it
Repeat it
Rehearse it


I promise to

Release it

Let It Go ... And Move On!



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