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The Bug’s Initiative grows out of the realization that our future, our democracy and the quality of our lives depend upon how we see ourselves and how we treat each other.  The success of the Bug’s Initiative is limited only by the creativity and utilization of its facilitators and participants

To serve as a developmental tool for children, youth and adults to assess conflicts and to provide tools for them to make positive life choices.

The Bug's Initiative is designed as a supplementary teaching guide and vehicle for teachers, facilitators and coordinators in any learning environment. The Bugs are presented on a multicolored 18" x 24" poster, accompanied by a twenty (20) page interactive guide.

· Enhance instruction
· Reduce negative conflicts
· Decrease discipline referrals
· Assist participants to become independent & critical thinkers
· Assist participants in becoming more responsible
· Help relieve stress for participants and staff
· Enrich the school, institution and community

Good thoughts and actions can never produce bad results,
Bad thoughts and actions can never produce good results.

The Bugs ... what they are saying:


Richmond Public Schools thanks you for developing the "Bugs - Yo! Let It Go" poster and accompanying guide. Our elementary school counselors are using these materials as a part of Character Education classroom guidance lessons taught throughout the city. This resource provides ready-to-use lessons and illustrated activities to help our children develop the self esteem, sense of security, empathy and skills necessary to be able to work out differences with others peacefully in any setting. The daily affirmations, pledges and checklists included are all very creative and provide an interesting and memorable way for our students to make personal commitments to become the best person they can be.

Guidance And School Counseling Services
Connie L. Cuffee, Coordinator

Mr. Alex-Zan, you've hit a home run on this one! The Bugs are fantastic and when I reprimand a student, the class says Drop It, Let It Go to the individual. We use it so often, it's embedded within the students. The Bugs have helped them realize that there are more important things in life than anger and conflict.

Doris Farrar
Elementary School Teacher


The Bugs' message is very much needed because a lot of young lives are being lost due to rumors and gossip. Most teens do not know how to respond to hearsay and just react without thinking about the consequences. The Bugs can truly be a lifesaver.

Evita Perkins
High School Student


The Bugs are an awesome program that opens up the door for our youth to communicate. The colorful characters quickly attract the resident's attention and makes it easier for them to express their anger, frustration and needs.

Mona L. Fontaine
Juvenile Detention Center

On behalf of the Henrico County Public Schools Peer Helper and Peer Mediation Programs, I would like to thank you for creating the innovative, fun and practical activity guide, "The Bugs." Young people are faced with situations every day that require them to think quickly in order to avoid risky behavior. Your guide gives students tools that they can easily remember and share with each other.

Kathy Johnson
Intervention Counselor



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