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JT - Just Think® Air Freshener

(Keepin' People Safe)

Objective: To remind individuals, particularly teens, to take a moment to THINK before and while driving. This initiative can further enhance character development, personal responsibility and assist individuals in making positive personal life choices.

Design: The JT - Just Think® Air Freshener features JT on one side and important directives on the other side to encourage and remind drivers of all ages to focus while driving. The item will be displayed within vehicles to serve as a constant reminder to think right, do right and conduct themselves in a manner that is morally and socially right. All air fresheners will come in a sealed packet and have the refreshing scent of vanilla.

Need: Local law enforcement's crackdown on underage drinking has resulted in hundreds of alcohol-related arrests in the Richmond metropolitan area since September 2006. According to MADD (mothers Against Drunk Driving) more than 6,000 young people die each year due to underage drinking related causes. In 2005, 2,035 15-20 year olds were killed an average of six deaths per day.

Who Is JT: JT is a friendly, imaginative, caring character who travels throughout the universe and assists people in becoming better thinkers and in making good decisions. JT is, himself, an independent thinker who promotes character building, responsibility and respect for all persons. He is a great listener, loves to read and comes from the planet THINKUS!

  • Attract potential car buyers
  • Saves lives
  • Create more attentive drivers
  • Increase communication between parents, youth and the community
  • Helps youth to become independent, responsible and critical thinkers
  • Lower insurance rates
  • Increase public safety in schools and in the community as a a whole
  • Opportunity for youth to become positive and productive citizens

JT's Just Think®Air Freshener Makes a Great

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Be a good example for your children to see.
Listen, Honor and Respect what they choose to be.
You must love, guide and give them your best. Become the model and PATH for their success! ©

  •  JT/JUST THINK® Air Freshener - As a parent, constantly review the "Before and
     While You Drive" directives with your young person(s).

  •  OUR TIME - A time to communicate with your child and discuss school/life issues,
     challenges and achievements.

  •   INFORMATION IS POWER - Get to know your young person's friends (lifestyles),
     school staff and available educational opportunities.

  •  HIDDEN TREASURES - Identify and help develop the talents and gifts within your

  • IN OUR CORNER - Establish a strong support network to help you address your
     families' needs.

  •  RIDE© - (Respect Individual Differences & Expressions) Diversity.

· CALM© - (Character and Life Management) To assist participants in character
 development, anger management and effective communication in the midst of today's life challenges.

"The only thing of value we can give children is what we are, not what we have." - Leo Buscaglia

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What Others are Saying About the JT Air Freshener ...



JT is a creative way for teens to not feel ashamed or embarrassed about doing the right thing while driving. As a teen, I know first hand that we appeal to symbols and it's nice to have a positive model to look up to. In my car JT would be a known symbol and I'll make sure my friends and family will have them too.

Ana-Alecia Farrar
17 years old - Kroger employee

Boy I wish I had the JT air freshener a while back. My daughter, Sierra, wasn't thinking and wrecked the family vehicle. With so many distractions from friends, cell phones, etc., JT is a welcome relief. Perhaps he can help prevent others from going throught what our family has experienced.

Belinda Kelly, Parent
City of Richmond Police Employee

As a Driver's Education teacher, I constantly emphasize to my students that driving is about being responsible. JT is a great reminder to think and stay focused at all times. While we teach about the rules and regulations in the classroom, JT reinforces our messages beyond that setting. Please let me know when the air freshener becomes available for public consumption.

Harry Terrell, Driver's Education Instructor
Charlottesville High School

I am a parent of a new teen driver. JT's air freshener is truly a Godsend and really gives me peace of mind. I shared the JT model with my son Eric and his repsonse was very positive. He kept using the JT, Just Think concept throughout the day, even when we were at a restaurant outside of our car. I think JT and his bullet points can definitely save lives.

Vickie Deane, Involved Parent
Henrico County

JT is sweet, cool and his air freshener will be a big hit with the friends I hand out with. I think a lot of grown-ups need JT too. When did you say he's coming?

Milton Richardson
17 year old Henrico High School student




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